7 Best Day Hikes in the South West

The South West of WA is home to some spectacular natural beauty and we are incredibly lucky in Perth to be only a few hours from forests of giant eucalyptus, empty expanses of pristine white beaches and towering granite peaks ready to challenge our body and mind. 

The tradition of taking a road trip down south is ingrained into the culture of West Australians and with so many great hikes to enjoy between towns, why not start organising your next trip? Being located within a biodiversity hotspot provides a variety of wildflowers, unique forests and some of the most photogenic landscapes in all of Australia. Add in some world class wineries and great local produce and there are some great memories waiting to be captured.

I've limited my list to one great hike per area so be sure to visit my Hiking the South West page for more excellent trails that didn't quite make the list. 


For a full description with more photos and a zoomable map be sure to click the links in each section.

Mount Frankland-83.jpg

Where - Walpole

Length - 2.5km (Loop)

Time - 1-2 hours

Vertical Climb - 116m

Highlights - Karri Forest, Old Fire Lookout 

Best Time of Year - All Year Round

Mount Frankland-42.jpg

Where - Balingup

Length - 4.6km (Loop)

Time - 1-2 hours

Vertical Climb - 106m

Highlights - Arboretum, Native Species

Best Time of Year - Autumn and Spring

Where - Collie

Length - 6.3km (One Way)

Time - 2-3 hours

Vertical Climb - 108m

Highlights - Collie River, Honeymoon Pool

Best Time of Year - Autumn Through Spring

Where - Porongurup NP

Length - 4.4km (Return)

Time - 1-2 hours

Vertical Climb - 269m

Highlights - Granite Skywalk, Balancing Rock

Best Time of Year - All Year Round

Where - Stirling Range NP

Length - 4.2km (Return)

Time - 2-5 hours

Vertical Climb - 534m

Highlights - Great Views, Scree Field

Best Time of Year - All Year Round

Where - Pemberton

Length - 11.8km (Loop)

Time - 3-5 hours

Vertical Climb - 319m

Highlights - Warren River, Karri Forest

Best Time of Year - All Year Round

Bald Head Walk-232.jpg

Where - Albany

Length - 12.4km (Return)

Time - 4-7 hours

Vertical Climb - 559m

Highlights - Flinders Peninsula, Bald Head

Best Time of Year - All Year Round

Bald Head Walk-20.jpg

Do you agree with the list or is there a trail on here that is your favourite?


Let me know in the comments section below.

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