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A Hiking Guide to Bruny Island

A popular holiday destination in Tasmania, Bruny Island provides an opportunity to get away from it all and spend a few days relaxing on a beach or enjoying a hike or two. The island is split into North and South Bruny Island, with a very narrow stretch of land joining the two regions, and almost every part of the island can be reached by a 2WD vehicle.

There are a few settlements on the island to enjoy a meal, buy some gifts and restock on limited supplies but for the most part, Bruny Island is limited with what you can buy there. Along with the great hiking options listed below, there are a range of attractions on Bruny Island to cater for everyone, ranging from boat cruises to wine, whisky, honey, oyster and cheese tastings to botanical gardens. For a full list of attractions and accommodation, see this excellent resource.

Getting There - Bruny Island is located just over half an hours drive south of Hobart, with access to the island via a ferry that leaves from Kettering. The ferry operates daily every 20 minutes, with the journey taking 20 minutes each way. Once you're on the island, there is a paved road network that takes you to most parts of the island. It takes about an hour to drive from the Ferry Terminal in the north to Cape Bruny Lighthouse on the south of the island. See this site to book your tickets and see the ferry timetable.

Best Time to Visit - You can visit Bruny Island all year round but the best time to visit is during the summer holiday period between December and February when the weather is warmer and you can take advantage of the great beaches and longer daylight hours. It does get busy during this time so make sure to book your accommodation or campsites early to avoid disappointment.

Bruny Island is a fantastic place to visit and I hope you find this hiking guide useful for your visit.

Short Walks on Bruny Island

Cape Bruny Lighthouse
South Bruny Island

Length - 650m 

Vertical Climb - 27m 

Time - 30 Mins 

Taking you from the old lighthouse keeper cottages up the hill to the shining lighthouse, this short trail provides stunning views over the surrounding coastline, along with a bit of history from the island.

Best Hikes on Bruny Island

Cape Queen Elizabeth Track
North Bruny Island

Length - 13.9km 

Vertical Climb - 314m 

Time - 3-5 Hours 

Located on the north island, this pleasant coastal walk sees you head out towards Cape Queen Elizabeth, providing some relaxing beach walking and great views across to Adventure Bay.

Top Hikes on Bruny Island

East Cloudy Head Track
South Bruny Island

Length - 13.8km 

Vertical Climb - 389m 

Time - 3-4 Hours 

Walk along a wide beach on the south of the island before hiking up to East Cloudy Head where you get lovely views of Mount Bruny and the dramatic coastline that can only be reached on foot.

Best Hikes on Bruny Island

Fluted Cape Walk
South Bruny Island

Length - 6.8km 

Vertical Climb - 358m 

Time - 2-3 Hours 

The most popular hike on Bruny Island for good reason, the Fluted Cape Walk sees you hike along the edge of Adventure Bay before climbing up for some epic views of the impressive dolerite cliffs.

Hiking Guide to Bruny Island

Labillardiere Peninsula Circuit
South Bruny Island

Length - 18.6km 

Vertical Climb - 423m 

Time - 4-7 Hours 

One of the 60 Great Day Walks in Tasmania, the Labillardiere Peninsula Circuit takes you to some stunning and isolated beaches, along with traversing some excellent coastline.

Mavista (45).jpg

Mavista Nature Walk
South Bruny Island

Length - 3.3km 

Vertical Climb - 117m 

Time - 1 Hour

A taste of temperate rainforest on Bruny Island, walk along Waterfall Creek, through lush forest filled with fungi and bird life and towards the optional trek to Mavista Falls.

Mountain Hikes on Bruny Island

Mount Mangana
South Bruny Island

Length - 4.0km 

Vertical Climb - 161m 

Time - 1-2 Hours 

Hiking up to the highest point on Bruny Island, this gentle climb sees you walk through the temperate rainforest to the summit, where you get some nice views via a side track.

Lookout Walks on Bruny Island

The Neck & Truganini Lookout
Bruny Island

Length - 600m 

Vertical Climb - 19m 

Time - 15 Mins 

One of the most instantly recognisable locations on Bruny Island, The Neck is a small strip of land connecting the two island with a great lookout and boardwalk overlooking where the Little Penguins nest during the summer.

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