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Circular Pool Walpole

Circular Pool Walk

Walpole-Nornalup National Park

The Hike - With a family trip out to see some sites around Walpole, the next stop on the list after the Giant Tingle Tree Walk was Circular Pool. A short drive from the Giant Tingle Tree, the rally stage to Circular Pool was a little bit fun and my father spotted a giant snake lying in the middle of the gravel track (I did not). With everyone assembled in the car park we had a look at the information board to see what was what and the nieces were set loose on the trail. While the trail isn't very long, there is plenty to see and photograph with the first opportunity a lookout above the forest. This gives you a sighter over the two pools and surrounding Karri/Tingle Forest. The nieces were excited to get going but before we did I had my brother-in-law Haydn practice his best "looking natural" pose, much to the dismay of my sister. With eyes sufficiently rolled and everyone keen to move on, we took the shortest of the two paths (the longer path is paved and wheelchair friendly) down the hill and towards the second lookout.