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Duckhole Lake-41.jpg

Duckhole Lake

Southwest National Park

Directions - Located two hours south of Hobart, take the Southern Outlet and then Huon Hwy until you reach the signs for Darcy Link turnoff (watch for blue Duckhole Lake sign). Follow this until you reach Creekton Rd and turn left. The car park is about 1km down the road with the trail head on the opposite side to the car park.

The Hike - With a full day exploring Mount Misery and Hartz Peak, it was a relaxing night at my AirBnB before another day of exploring. For this day I had my sights set on the fringes of Southwest National Park and a couple of relatively gentle hikes through the beautiful temperate rainforest. First up on the agenda was one of the 60 Great Short Walks that Parks Tasmania has designated to certain hikes around the state. Carrying the special W symbol, these are usually a good indication of a pleasurable hiking experience so I was looking forward to Duckhole Lake given some of the pictures I'd found online.