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Edge of the World

Edge of the World

Arthur River

Directions - Located just outside of Arthur River on the north West Coast of Tasmania, from the main bridge over the Arthur River take Temma Road south until you reach the right turn for Airey Drive (look for Edge of the World signs). Follow this all the way to the end where you will find a paved car park.

The Walk - Our final stop of a jam packed three week Tasmanian Road Trip was a visit to the coastal hamlet of Arthur River on the North West Coast. This was selected by Hal as a destination because he wanted to paddle along the Arthur River and I was happy as it meant I could explore the short walks along the Tarkine Drive. Living in Fremantle, I am naturally drawn to the coast and Arthur River was a nice change from the forest scenery we had been staying at over the course of the trip.

Having booked a house on the edge of the Arthur River, my research came across The Edge of the World as one of the only walks close to town. With a very short length and the path basically going to a lookout and the edge of the rocky headland, I would see what it was like before deciding to write it up as a post (spoiler: it got written up). This post is a combination of two visits over the course of our three days here, one on the afternoon of our arrival and the second being a visit at sunset after exploring the Tarkine Drive. After driving all the way from Corinna on my own thanks to no one else wanting to hike up Mount Donaldson, the rocky road was a fun challenge but I was happy to reach the coastline and smell that salty sea air. Meeting everyone at the holiday home, Hal was missing as he had popped a tyre on the road from Corinna so went in search of a replacement (not easy given he had brought his Mercedes SUV). Caris and I went for a bit of an exploration of the Arthur River area and eventually reached this spot to see what was what. 


I love a good rummage around a rocky headland so if the trail was a simple path to a lookout then I would be more than happy to keep on exploring if there was an accessible beach or two. From the car park you can see the lookout that is set on top of a nearby dune so it was quite clear that the quoted length was not underestimated. Walking along the boardwalk, the views start to open up the further you go, with the mouth of the Arthur River providing the main feature until you get those stunning vistas overlooking the expansive Southern Ocean. With some moody weather on my first visit, the blues and greys combined to give an atmospheric feel to the afternoon with splashes of gold light streaming through the clouds to the west. We visited the lookout first and I was pleased to see the artwork in the centre of the lookout showed the fauna native to the area with their traditional names. While the lookout was nice, I was keen to explore the wilder headland and beach to the left. As we found out on a river cruise leaving from Corinna, the West Coast of Tassie is littered with driftwood along almost every beach. It was no different here with large grey timbers strewn all along the rocks and nearby beach.