Hiking Grades Explained

To make choosing a hike easier I have graded them according to five colours. Hopefully you find this useful when selecting your next hiking adventure.

Green - Suitable for beginners and typically ranging between 1-5km in length with minimal vertical climbing. Green graded hikes can be completed with a basic level of fitness.


Hikes Included - Jarrahdale Heritage Railway Trail, Rocks Walk, Whistlepipe Gully, Point Ann HT.

Orange - For the moderately experienced hiker or someone with a reasonable level of fitness. Hikes range between 5-15km with a decent vertical climb.


Shorter hikes with a steep climb or sections that require scrambling will also be considered an orange grade. 


Hikes Included - Most trails in Perth. See Green, Red & Black grades for the exceptions

Red - For experienced hikers or people with a good level of fitness. Red graded hikes will be longer than 15km and in most instances involve plenty of elevation change. 


Shorter hikes with a continued and steep vertical climb will also be graded red (e.g. Bluff Knoll).


Hikes Included - Bibbulmun Track - Sullivan Rock to Mt Cooke, King Jarrah Trail, Bald Head Walk Trail & Bluff Knoll.

Black - For experienced hikers only. Distances are very long for single day hikes or involve off-track navigation. Only attempt if you are confident that you can make it back to the start point in daylight.


Hikes Included - Six Summit Challenge, Kattamordo Heritage Trail, Boyagin Rock

Blue - For when you swap the hiking boots our for the snorkelling fins. These trails are suitable for those that feel comfortable in water up to 10m in depth and are strong swimmers. 

Trails Included - Coogee Maritime Trail, Little Salmon Bay