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Horsetail Falls Queenstown

Horsetail Falls


Directions - Located 5km east of Queenstown in the western part of Tasmania, take the Lyell Highway out of town and climb up the winding road until you reach the car park on the corner of Iron Blow Road. There is plenty of parking and the trail head is on the southern side of the car park. 

The Hike - With all day to drive the two hours from Lake St Clair to Strahan, we were taking it easy and stopping off at every trail along the Lyell Highway. The first three stops at the Franklin Nature Trail, Donaghys Hill and Nelson Falls were all very enjoyable and each provided something different to experience. Horsetail Falls was not a trail that was on my radar so after arriving on the edge of Queenstown and the rather different looking scenery to what we had just been through, I was curious when I saw a sign for this one. Caris at this point was not overly enthused about another trail as the winding roads getting from Lake St Clair was not enjoyable for her.