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King Jarrah Walk Trail

Lane Poole Reserve

Directions - Take the road to Dwellingup and turn right onto Nanga Rd. Take this all the way to the Nanga Mill Campsite turn-off (past the Lane Poole Reserve entry). The trail starts at the big info sign on the edge of the forest at Nanga Mill.

The Hike - Almost six years to the day, I have returned to the King Jarrah Walk Trail to redo one of my earliest posts and give it a proper showcase. This has been long overdue as the original page that dates back to the old black background days didn't really show what the trail was like despite a couple of makeovers and re-editing of pictures over the years (you can view the last version of it here).

2021 Update - I have received advice from DBCA that this hike has been reviewed and is no longer safe for dogs due to the risk of 1080 baits in the area.