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Lake Clifton Thrombolites

Lake Clifton Walk Trail

Yalgorup National Park

Directions - From Mandurah take Old Coast Rd south for 27km until you reach the signs for Lake Clifton and the Thrombolites (Lakeside Parkway). Follow this until you reach Mount John Road, turn right and continue on to the car park.

The Hike - With a crazy Easter period upon us (remember COVID-19?), the regional borders of WA were closed off and all plans had to be postponed or amended. Originally we were going down to Funbury to see my family and the plan was to take my niece to Shannon National Park to do a hike as part of a belated birthday experience. With lockdown in place and everyone encouraged to practice good physical distancing, it was going to be a very different four day break. I still wanted to go hiking as it is one of the only activities that we were still allowed to do provided all precautions were taken and you avoided popular or narrow trails. With that in mind I started to look at places I'd been meaning to visit but were a little down on the list.