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Lake Leschenaultia

Lake Leschenaultia


Directions - Located about an hour east of Perth, take Great Eastern Hwy past Mundaring and turn onto Old Northam Rd. From there follow the signs to Lake Leschenaultia, which is located off Rosedale Rd on the north side of the lake.

The Hike - With a free Saturday on the cards and some decent weather forecast, it was time to consult the "to-hike" list and come up with an all-day hiking trip in the Perth Hills to visit some trails I had been meaning to hike. Plans were made, people consulted and Lake Leschenaultia was the first of four hikes for the day that Assistant Trail Expedition Leader, Aron, and I would tackle today. A later than usual start greeted us as some of the later hikes I wanted to experience at sunset (posts coming) and the drive out was as pleasant as could be expected. There are signposts everywhere once you reach the Old Northam Rd turnoff and as we drove in I started recognising places as if I had been here before.

2021 Update - There are a raft of new MTB trails that have been built on the western side of the lake that affect the old walking trails. Please be mindful of riders and do not walk on the marked MTB trails.