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Marriotts Falls Tasmania

Marriotts Falls


Directions - Located 1.5hrs west of Hobart, take the Brooker Hwy north out of the city and follow the signs for New Norfolk. Pass through the town and continue on towards Mount Field NP. Drive past Mount Field NP until you reach Tyenna. Turn right onto Tyenna Rd and continue over the bridge before turning right. Trail start is just up this track.

The Hike - With a lovely introduction to the Mount Field region of Tasmania after a visit to the Junee Cave, it was time to move on to the final hike I had planned for the day before I checked into my next AirBnB (details at the bottom of the page). Marriotts Falls was next on the agenda as it was close to Junee Cave and looked like a pretty nice hike. Heading back towards Mount Field NP, the hike is located just outside of the town of Tyenna on the banks of the Tyenna River. Locating the car park was fairly simple (cross the river and turn right from Tyenna Rd) and I soon spotted the familiar blue signpost pointing me off into the forest. Again you are greeted with a fairly nondescript landscape to begin with that was previously logged but looks can be deceiving and the single track leads you to the edge of the Tyenna River.