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Swarbrick Art Trail on the Munda Biddi

Kwokralup Beela to Walpole

Munda Biddi Trail


Kwokralup Beela Hut


2-3 Hours



Date Ridden

6th September 2021





Traditional Custodians

Minang People

The Ride - With a big day of riding the previous day, which included a fair amount of climbing, this next stretch into Walpole I was treating as a bit of a rest day given the short distance and relative ease of riding in the second half of the section. With check-in not allowed until 3pm at the wonderful Tingle All Over accommodation that I had booked, we had the opportunity to lounge around the campsite in the morning after a bit of a sleep in. In hindsight, I should have made the effort to walk down to the river again but cosplaying a burrito in the hut was more appealing to me in the moment. Eventually we had all of our gear packed and were ready for lift-off at around 9:30am for a leisurely ride into Walpole.