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Reflections II
Five Years and Still Going

Hello. My name is Mark, a recently turned 33yo male living in Fremantle, Western Australia that enjoys hiking, photography and life (for those that only know me as the myth that is The Life of Py). It's been a couple of years since I've done one of these and with so much happening since then I thought it was best to put the remembering hat on and reflect on what has been a remarkable journey. Starting in 2014 I never thought this is where TLoP would end up and to be honest, I'm surprised at myself for sticking with it this long. Before I get into a long philosophical flow about life, love, hiking and the meaning of everything (this will be a long post that I make no apologies for), I'd like to thank a few people who have supported me to this point.

Caris (the partner of Py) is the one who lets me go on all my adventures by keeping the house together and doggos fed when I go off on my own for sometimes weeks at a time. She even joined me on a couple of adventures this year with an Easter trip to Fitzgerald River and beyond and a four day excursion on the Three Capes. Aron aka 1A1R is another who has been a big help, not only joining me on a few trips but also being a giant help when it came to tackling the regrowth around the Murray Campsite. The Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions played a big part in my 2018 adventures with a couple of trips with the Google Trekker allowing me some experiences that were probably a year or two off if I'd organised them myself but I'll get to those a bit later on.