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Mount Louisa South Coast Track

Louisa River to Little Deadmans Bay

South Coast Track

The Hike - Day Three on the South Coast Track and this was the big one, literally. When you mention the SCT to hikers that know about the track, the discussion usually mentions the Ironbounds day. It's a simple day in concept, leave camp around sea level to hike 900m vertically before climbing back down to sea level. In reality this is a challenge for most people, especially with a fully loaded backpack but this is what you sign up for on the South Coast Track. Even though it's listed as around 12km in the John Chapman guidebook that we were referencing for this trip, I found his measurements to be on the short side. I cleaned up my GPS recording from my Garmin watch (not terribly accurate to start with) to remove all the times I had stopped and wandered about, and I still had this day at 15.4km.