Yallingup Lagoon Snorkel

Yallingup Lagoon


Directions - Located walking distance from the centre of Yallingup, from the main beach car park on Yallingup Beach Road, head towards the western most playground. At the small grassed area in front of a smaller car park you will find a set of stairs leading down to the southern beach that is separated from the main beach by a limestone shelf. Alternatively you can park at the gravel car park just off Yallingup Beach Road, just before the caravan park and follow the footpath north towards another set of stairs.  

The Snorkel - Summer holidays in the South West are a Western Australian tradition and the combination of sun, sea and salty air makes for an enjoyable time. Last year I scheduled in a visit to The Aquarium near Yallingup with my sister and her family while I was visiting Funbury for Christmas and this year I had an appetite for more snorkelling fun. With that in mind and three weeks of leave to use, I decided to spend my middle week of holidays using my parents place as a base to get in a few more snorks.