Bibbulmun Track
kalamunda to albany




49 campsites
12 Towns

20-60 days

The Bibbulmun Track is a walking trail located in Western Australia running over 1000km between Kalamunda in the north and Albany in the south. Follow the bright yellow waugyl through towering forests, over creeks and rivers, along wild beaches and up and over some impressive granite features. Whether you're doing an end to end, a town to town section or just out for a day walk, there is an option for everyone to immerse themselves in nature and enjoy all this wonderful trail has to offer.

If you are thinking about doing an end to end or a series of long hikes on the Bibbulmun then I encourage you to become a member of the Bibbulmun Track Foundation and organise a planning session with one of their knowledgeable and experienced staff.

Length - 211km 

Time - 8-16 Days

Campsites - 15

Date Hiked - 2008-2019


Length - 128km 

Time - 5-7 Days

Campsites - 6

Date Hiked - June 2018

Length - 84km 

Time - 3-4 Days

Campsites - 3

Date Hiked - September 2018


Length - 56km 

Time - 2-3 Days

Campsites - 2

Date Hiked - September 2018

Length - 108km 

Time - 4-5 Days

Campsites - 4

Date Hiked - June 2017


Length - 55km 

Time - 2-3 Days

Campsites - 2

Date Hiked - August 2018


Length - 144km 

Time - 5-8 Days

Campsites - 7

Date Hiked - June 2019

Lake Maringup-109.jpg
William Bay-156.jpg

Length - 126km 

Time - 5-7 Days

Campsites - 6

Date Hiked - August 2019

Length - 82km 

Time - 3-6 Days

Campsites - 5

Date Hiked - September 2019

A collection of my thoughts from completing a sectional end to end of the Bibbulmun Track over three years.

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