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View from Mount Mangana on South Bruny Island

Mount Mangana

South Bruny Island

Directions - Located on South Bruny Island, the Mount Mangana Walk is a short drive from Adventure Bay. From Adventure Bay, head north along Adventure Bay Road, turning left onto Coolangatta Road. Drive on this unsealed road all the way up the hill, that can be steep in places but suitable for a 2WD car, until you see the blue signs for Mount Mangana. Park in the small clearing to the left and the trail starts at the blue post pointing you into the forest.  

The Hike - Mount Mangana is the highest point on Bruny Island at 577m ASL and thankfully there is a walk trail that takes you right to the top. After experiencing the wonderful Mavista Nature Walk as my first hike of the day, I was ready to move on from the temperate rainforest course to the mountain course of today's planned hiking banquet. Being the highest point on the island at a not insignificant height, I was expecting the track to be a steep and challenging affair that Tasmania loves to throw at hikers. As I drove up Coolangatta Road, it became apparent that the bulk of the grunt work would be done on these twisty and steep backroads.