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Shire of Kalamunda Walks

Shire of Kalamunda Walks

With a serious lack of hiking trails in the national parks and nature reserves surrounding Perth, it is fantastic that the Shire of Kalamunda put some resources into mapping out and marking a selection of trails in the hills for us to enjoy. While mostly relying on existing trails and management tracks, it certainly adds a great number of options to those looking to explore the outdoors. Some are a bit hit and miss but there are some gems in there exploring some really nice areas. Have a listen to the podcast we recorded on them all and click through to each page to get more information including plenty of photos. 

Bickley Reservoir-40.jpg
Bickley Reservoir-11.jpg

Length - 4.3km (Loop)

Time - 1-2 hours

Highlights - Bickley Brook, Wildflowers 

Length - 5.3km (Loop)

Time - 1-2 hours

Highlights - Jarrah Forest, Orchards 

Length - 3km (Loop)

Time - 1-2 hours

Highlights - Jarrah Forest, Wildflowers

Length - 9km (Loop)

Time - 2-3 hours

Highlights - Golden Lookout, Helena River Valley

Length - 5.1km (Loop)

Time - 1-2 hours

Highlights - Helena River Valley, Wandoo

Hill Street Walk-33.jpg

Length - 2.5km (Loop)

Time - 1 Hour

Highlights - Jarrah Forest, Valley Views

Hill Street Walk-11.jpg

Length - 2.3km (Loop)

Time - 1 hour

Highlights - Open Space, Forest Views

Kalamunda Railway HT-74.jpg