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Monument Hill Loop

Monument Hill Loop


Directions - Monument Hill is located to the east of the centre on Fremantle. To get there take High St east and turn right at the Swanbourne St traffic lights. There is limited street parking on Knutsford St or alternatively you can park on top of the hill by taking the entry road off High St.

The Walk - With the coastal dunes of the Swan Coastal Plain running parallel from the Indian Ocean all the way to the Darling Range, we are lucky to have a high point close to the coast to take in the epic Western Australian sunsets. Monument Hill is Fremantle is one of those places and apart from being a great vantage point, it houses the Fremantle War Memorial that hosts the annual Anzac Day ceremony. Having lived right opposite the park for a year in my mid 20s, I love this spot and enjoyed many a sunset from both my balcony and the grass of the public park. Still calling Fremantle my home, I decided to create an unofficial walk trail taking in Monument Hill and the nearby Stevens Reserve as the area is really pretty with lots of history and character. 

With that in mind I picked Easter Monday as a time to do the walk with Caris and the doggos because the travel restrictions had meant our plans down south had to be scrapped. Parking outside of our old place brought back some memories and I decided we would do a double visit to the war memorial to take in the great views. There were a few people enjoying the park and taking in the sweeping vistas of Fremantle Port, Garden Island and Rottnest Island. Checking out the impressive obelisk that forms the main centrepiece of the war memorial, it certainly draws your thoughts to the diggers who served in WWI and fought at Gallipoli. There are several other memorials within the park dedicated to soldiers who died in WWII and other wars Australia fought in with the bronze entry gates from the High St end being the biggest of the additions. There is something very special about being on this spot with a mix of history, the sight of the working port below (always love seeing the Fremantle Giraffes) and the stunning views out to the boundless extremes of the Indian Ocean. The plan was to return to this spot for the sunset so after a quick look around we headed down the grass to the corner of Knutsford and Swanbourne St to begin the walk.


When we used to live here we would occasionally take dogs home for the night from the Shenton Park Dog Refuge and this was my preferred route for going on walks. Now we have our own two muppets, I thought I'd recreate this walk for the website and given they've installed an agility course at the local park, it's perfect for those looking to add something extra to their usual dog walk. Heading south along Swanbourne Street, I really enjoy the mix of old and new houses with some quirky features along the way. Our favourite was always the metal sculpture of a tree on the gate of one house but it was nice to return and see some of the newest additions to the street fully completed. There are a couple of narrow but tall houses that were being built when we lived there and the flowing shapes I think are designed to mimic the curves of a boat hull. The effect is really cool and I think adds something different to the beautiful character houses found in the area. As with most houses in Fremantle, the gardens here are what I really enjoy. I love that people put in effort to create little green spaces, even in the tiniest of courtyards and I'm endlessly fascinated as I walk by at the little details of people's spaces.