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Monument Hill Fremantle

Monument Hill Loop


Directions - Monument Hill is located to the east of the centre on Fremantle. To get there take High St east and turn right at the Swanbourne St traffic lights. There is limited street parking on Knutsford St or alternatively you can park on top of the hill by taking the entry road off High St.

The Walk - With the coastal dunes of the Swan Coastal Plain running parallel from the Indian Ocean all the way to the Darling Range, we are lucky to have a high point close to the coast to take in the epic Western Australian sunsets. Monument Hill is Fremantle is one of those places and apart from being a great vantage point, it houses the Fremantle War Memorial that hosts the annual Anzac Day ceremony. Having lived right opposite the park for a year in my mid 20s, I love this spot and enjoyed many a sunset from both my balcony and the grass of the public park. Still calling Fremantle my home, I decided to create an unofficial walk trail taking in Monument Hill and the nearby Stevens Reserve as the area is really pretty with lots of history and character.