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Wave Rock Hyden

Wave Rock Walks


Directions - Wave Rock is located near the wheatbelt town of Hyden, a three hour drive east of Perth. From the centre of town, travel east on Hyden-Lake King Rd until you see the signs for Wave Rock and turn onto Lovering Rd and then Wave Rock Rd. The car park for the Wave Rock walks is past the café/wildlife park/caravan park. ​

The Hike - With our adventures around Esperance coming to an end, there was just the matter of the 9 hour drive back home to deal with and as everyone will know who has done the trip, it's not easily done in one long stretch. A great way to break it up is to stop in at Hyden and visit a famous Western Australian landmark in Wave Rock. This unique natural formation has drawn visitors for decades and a thriving little hub has built up around the area to service the tourists. Luckily one of those services is a few walk trails that make stretching the legs a pleasure and allow you to see a bit more than just the curling barrel of rock shaped like a wave.