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Handrail Pool Weano Gorge

Weano Gorge | Handrail Pool

Karijini National Park

Directions - Located in the western side of the gorge system within Karijini National Park, take Banjima Drive from Karijini Drive and drive north for 25km until you reach the turnoff for Weano Road. Take Weano Road north for another 12km, passing the turnoff for the Karijini Eco Retreat until you reach the Weano Day Use Area. 

The Hike - With a week in Karijini to explore the park, the next hike on the agenda was the Weano Gorge/Handrail Pool loop with a side visit to the Junction Pool and Oxer Lookouts thrown in for good measure. With an excellent time spent at Hancock Gorge the previous day, we were out here early to beat the crowds and mission accomplished as there was almost no one at the car park when we arrived. Taking the opportunity we gathered up our gear and headed out to the trail head to begin another fun experience within the gorges. For no reason whatsoever we decided to do the trail in a clockwise direction and headed off along the red dirt paths leading away from the day use area.