Eagle View Walk Trail

Eagle View Walk Trail

John Forrest National Park

Directions - Another easy trail to locate, simply take Great Eastern Hwy from Roe Hwy and enter the national park where signed. Follow the signs for the Ranger's Office and park in one of the many car parks. The trail head is well signed and easy to follow.

The Hike - Another week and another opportunity to get out and experience what the Perth Hills have to offer. This week I am off to the John Forrest National Park to hike the Eagle View Walk Trail and to mix things up a bit I was accompanied by two lovely young ladies, Jess & George. Once again I took my Nikon D50 out with me and with no memory card issues I was able to take some great photos of the trail. Check them out in the slideshow at the bottom of the page. The Eagle View Walk Trail is one of the favourite trails for locals as it offers some stunning views of the Perth Coastal Plain and is a great way to get some exercise.

The 15km loop can be tackled by hikers of all experiences and we managed to blitz it in just over three hours without stopping. With a stop for lunch this can quite easily be done as a family activity or with a group of friends. John Forrest National Park is easily accessible from the Great Eastern Highway and only 24km east of the city. The turnoff to the park entrance is well signed and once inside it is a short drive down to the recreation area that serves at the start point for many walks in the area. There is a fee per car to enter the national park and payment can be made by filling out one of the envelopes provided and putting it in the box provided. As the Eagle View Walk Trail is a loop you have a choice in the direction you take. After saying hello to the local guide we chose to go clockwise as this meant the harder, more hilly sections were tackled with early and out of the way. The trail is extremely well sign posted and there is very little chance of losing your way.


The first section follows one of the many creeks in the park and is a combination of narrow, snaking trails and short bursts of scaling rocky outcrops. There is no stuffing about on fire trails in the early part and the narrow trails of the valley soon open up and the climb to the wonderful views this trail has to offer begins. The 250m vertical climb from the valley floor is quite a gradual climb and apart from having to tackle the occasional tricky rock formation it shouldn't present even the most casual hiker any problems. As you climb you get glimpses of the vistas that you will eventually reach and you have to remind yourself to stop and take it all in. Once you reach the summit of the climb (and the weather is good enough) you get to view the Perth Coastal Plains all the way to the coast. The city is just a speck in the distance and you get to see just how spread out Perth really is.