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Pemberton on Northcliffe on the Bibbulmun Track

Pemberton to Northcliffe

Bibbulmun Track




2-3 Days



Date Hiked

August 2018




2 Total



Traditional Custodians

Bibbulman People 

One of the nicest sections of the track, immerse yourself in the giant Karri forest between Pemberton and Northcliffe. Following the course of Lefroy Brook and the Warren River for half of the journey, this lush paradise will be heaven for those who love the ancient forests of the south west. Mixed in on every day is a section of farmland that connects you with the agricultural history of the area. Perfect for a quick escape or a long weekend, this section of the track is a magical experience at almost any time of the year.

Pemberton to Warren

Length - 21.0km

Vertical Climb - 705m

Exploring the Karri Forests, start with a visit to the Gloucester Tree before reaching the Cascades and then finishing with a walk along the Warren River.

Large Karri tree near Pemberton
Warren River on the Bibbulmun Track
TRamway Line at The Cascades near Pemberton
River Road Bridge on the Bibbulmun Track
Fungi Growing on a Fallen Log
Schafer Campsite on the Bibbulmun Track

Warren to Schafer

Length - 20.0km

Vertical Climb - 637m

Enjoying more stunning Karri Forest, cross over the Warren River on River Road Bridge before following the river and up the hill towards Schafer Campsite.

Schafer to Northcliffe

Length - 14.1km

Vertical Climb - 268m

A mixed day that sees you traverse different forest types, sandy wetlands, farmland and a crossing of the Gardner River as you head into Northcliffe.

Farmland near Northcliffe on the Bibbulmun Track
Bridge over the Gardner River on the Bibbulmun Track
Forest near Northcliffe on the Bibbulmun Track

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