Coogee Maritime Trail Omeo Wreck

Coogee Maritime Trail | Omeo Wreck

Port Coogee

Directions - Located south of Fremantle in the new Port Coogee development, get yourself to Cockburn Rd until you reach the entry road into Port Coogee that is Pantheon Ave. Follow this down to the shopping centre and take a left at the roundabout on Orsino Blvd and then a right on Napoleon Ave. Socrates Parade comes off Napoleon Ave and there is parking right on the beach front. The trail head is unmissable as there is a giant staircase leading over the rocks and into the water.

2020 Update - Some new installations have gone in along the sea wall to expand the trail and encourage more marine life to the area. It will be a couple of years before they are fully part of the environment but already there are fish using them as habitat. Please note that this place is becoming very popular and parking can be an issue. Also, do not stand or sit on the wreck as it is very old and won't last much longer if people do not show their respect. Don't be afraid to tell people off who are not doing the right thing. 

The Snorkel - So what do you do in Perth when the temperatures increase (along with the bushfire risk), the snakes slither out and the ticks and flies make a nuisance of themselves? Well you head into the water and enjoy some of the great snorkelling spots that are dotted up and down the Perth coastline. This will be the first of many new water-based trails on the website as I swap the hiking boots for snorkelling fins so look for the fish symbol on the Perth Day Hikes page as the summers roll on.