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Support the Website

Creating the website has been a bundle of fun over the years and it's been great fun exploring Western Australia and beyond. As it's developed into the rendition you're looking at today, there has been a lot of work happening behind the scenes. My goal is to keep the website free but if you've found it useful over the years and want to show your support then I've created a Ko-fi account to accept some love. 

Ko-fi is like a Patreon style service where people can shout their favourite content creators a coffee. I've set the minimum amount as a dollar so it won't break the bank if you want to contribute and this keeps the website ad free. 

Thank you for your support, if you click through via the button below it will be greatly appreciated and will go towards maintaining and improving the website.

Alternatively, you can buy a copy of my new guidebook on the Best Walks of South West WA by visiting this page

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