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Jarrah Trees on the Munda Biddi Trail

Carinyah to Wungong

Munda Biddi Trail


Carinyah Hut


3-5 Hours


Wungong Hut

Date Ridden

22nd August 2021





Traditional Custodians

Wajuk People

The Ride - Day Two on the Munda Biddi and after cutting the first day 36km short of the target, it was agreed that we would be up early and out of camp by 7:30am at the latest. This would give us plenty of time to reach Jarrahdale and assess our options from there as we attempted to make up some lost ground. With a tried and tested sleep system, I had a nice rest made more comfortable by keeping my earbuds in all night to drown out the collective snoring of everyone at camp that night (including me). One of the three guys that rocked up in the afternoon the day before had warned us and brought his own large bag of earplugs but I found they didn't quite do the job. Riding at the end of winter was always going to present the challenge of cold mornings but it wasn't too bad as we went about packing everything away and loading up the bikes.