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Queenstown Wilderness Railway

Railways and River Cruises

Start - Strahan Foreshore & Queenstown Station

Time - 6 Hours (Cruise), 4 Hours (Railway)

Cost - $135-$185 (Cruise), $115-$185 (Railway)

Date Visited - 14th & 15th of April 2021

Best Time - All Year Round

Traditional Custodians - Peerapper People

Gordon River Cruises - With a few days in Strahan and plenty of trails already under the belt, this leg of the trip would be about enjoying some of the more touristy aspects of the West Coast of Tasmania. Strahan is a small town on the edge of Macquarie Harbour that has had a long history with convicts, logging, fishing and tourism so there is plenty to discover if you're interested in booking a tour or two. From the start of planning this holiday I had my eye on the Queenstown Railway (see later on for this) but Candy and Hal were interested in doing a cruise along the Gordon River as it holds a special significance to Candy.