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Marrinup Falls Dwellingup

Marrinup Falls


Directions - Located just outside of Dwellingup, from Pinjarra-Williams Rd take Grey Rd north (look out for Marinnup POW Camp signs) and follow this over the railway. Keep going until you see the sign for Marrinup Falls and turn left to follow Grey Rd all the way to the obvious car park area.

The Hike - With a cancelled photo shoot in the Wheatbelt, I had a free weekend to go out and adventure so made some plans to do some maintenance at the Sanctuary of Py on a beautiful sunny day. With winter providing some good rain and the wildflowers starting to come out in the Perth Hills, I thought I would check out Marrinup Falls on the way to see if it was flowing and as a fun side trip to the battling of the Soapbush and Prickly Moses that would occur later on in the day. Joining me today was regular maintenance helper and Assistant Regional Trails Experience Intern, Aron (aka 1A1R) and I let him have a sleep-in this time by picking him up at 7am. The drive out was pleasant as usual with the hills leading up to Dwellingup being some nice country to drive through.