Wundabiniring WalkGPS Route


Directions - Located an hour east of Perth, head east along Great Eastern Highway towards Mundaring and keep going until you reach the Great Southern Highway turn-off. Turn right and follow this for 20km until you reach Wundabiniring Road, where you turn left and keep going until just before the turn. There is a small gravel area on your right where you can park and the walk starts there.

The Hike - Autumn time in Perth and the return of the hiking season always gets me excited thanks to the possibility of new adventures, new places to discover and of course, lots of photos to take. With one of the hottest summers on record, the start to autumn continued this trend with seemingly no end to the warm weather in sight. This always presents a bit of a conundrum for me as the hikes I plan out over the summer are at their best once the rains have hit and the wildflower display is at its best (springtime).

With a relatively short to-hike list of official trails close to Perth in 2022 and wanting to capture them in the best possible time, I set my sights on the extensive list of off track walks that Dave from WalkGPS has put together. I have several of these long self-navigated loops on the calendar this year, having done a few in previous years, as they explore areas that no one would think to visit. With a wealth of walks to choose from, I started looking at options that were in the Wandoo Woodlands as they tend to have more open walking and look dry for most of the year anyway. Scouring the list, I eventually settled on the Wundabiniring Walk located along the Great Southern Highway that leads towards York. Downloading the route to my phone, along with the track notes, I was excited to be heading out for the first hike of the season. This would be the first proper hike for some new gear I had purchased over the summer, a new Osprey Stratos 34L day pack from Paddy Pallin and replacement trail runners (upgrading from Brooks Caldera 3s to Caldera 5s). 


With a spare Saturday on the calendar and some milder weather, I headed out early and made my way towards the hills. This is a drive I've done a few times in the last couple of years to explore nearby Mokine Nature Reserve and two visits to the always pleasant town of York. Arriving at the start of the Wundabiniring Walk, the parking is in a small area just off the road with the woodlands looking like they held a lot of promise. Getting that excited feeling as I gathered all my gear together, I wasn't expecting too much in terms of wildflowers or fungi given it was still early April but I was looking forward to seeing what this landscape was all about. As the walk heads in an easterly direction to start with, photographing the woodlands with the morning sun bursting through the canopy made it look a little bit special. Compared to the Jarrah and Marri forests of the Darling Scarp, the Wandoo Woodlands have a much more photogenic quality to them thanks to the golden colours of their trunks.