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West Mount Barren in Fitzgerald River National Park

West Mount Barren

Fitzgerald River National Park

Directions - West Mount Barren can be accessed by taking the turnoff at Jerramungup off South Coast Rd, following this until you reach Devil's Creek Rd. Continue along Devil's Creek Rd as it becomes a gravel road. Take the turnoff for West Mount Barren all the way to the car park.

The Hike - With a fantastic introduction to the Fitzgerald River National Park the day before with a hike along the Point Ann Heritage Trail and a stay at St Mary's Inlet, we enjoyed a lovely sunrise on an empty beach before packing up the car ready for our adventures on day two. On the menu today was a hike up West Mount Barren (or Queelup in the local language) before moving on to the eastern side of the park for another couple of hikes. Having realised the error of my ways when it came to navigating into the park, we would be leaving the correct way today (via Pabelup Drive and Devils Creek Rd), which was the route to take anyway coming from Point Ann to the entry road into West Mount Barren.