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Kepwari Walk Esperance

Kepwari Walk


Directions - Located just outside of Esperance, from the town centre take Dempster Rd north to the roundabout.  Take the Fisheries Rd exit and follow this until you reach Windabout Rd. Follow Windabout Rd all the way past the first Kepwari Walk sign and park next to the second Kepwari Walk sign located on the south side of the road. 

The Hike - With our Fitzgerald River National Park adventures over we had scheduled a few days of relaxing and exploring in Esperance over the Easter break. After a couple of nights camping and doing a few hikes we checked into our AirBnB ready to  have a nice hot shower and sleep in a comfortable bed. Caris had suggested doing this hike during our time in Esperance (yes Caris suggested a hike) to add activities to the itinerary so I was happy to add another hike to the trip. We did the usual tourist stuff like Stonehenge, the museum, the Coastal Drive and the Sunday Markets along with the not so Pink Lake.