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Echidna Trail Walyunga

Echidna Trail

Walyunga National Park

Directions - Walyunga National Park is located north of Perth along Great Northern Highway. From the start of Great Northern Highway off Roe Highway, head through the Swan Valley until you reach the Walyunga Road turnoff. Drive into the park (gates open between 8am and 5pm daily), stopping at the automated pay station if you require a pass for the day and then park at either Walyunga Pool or the main car park at the end of the road. There are trail heads at both locations so it's just a matter of personal preference. 

The Hike - The Echidna Trail in Walyunga National Park is one of the first hikes that I did way back in 2014, back in the simpler times when I had no idea what the website would become and was just starting out this amazing journey. Armed with my old Nikon D50 that was limited to a 1GB memory card, I think I only took about 200 photos and they weren't very good, even after applying all my learnings on Adobe Lightroom a couple of years ago (you can visit the old post by clicking here). Part of my 2022 plans are to visit some of the legacy pages from the early days and completely re-do them so they are represented in their best light.