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10 Best Day Hikes in Tasmania

With so many diverse and interesting landscapes to explore, Tasmania is not short on quality hiking options. Ranging from sweeping mountain ranges, swathes of temperate rainforest, dramatic coastal scenery, raging waterfalls and everything in-between, I've compiled a list of the best day hikes in Tasmania from the places I've visited over my travels to this wild and wonderful state.

I hope you find the list useful and be sure to click onto the individual pages for more information, maps, photos and an account of my time on the hike. If you're looking for hiking option beyond the ten hikes listed here, check out my Tasmania page for over 60 great trails all over the island.

Best Alpine Hikes in Tasmania

Tarn Shelf Circuit
Mount Field National Park

Length - 15.6km 

Vertical Climb - 604m 

Time - 5-8 Hours 

A stunning alpine walk, the Tarn Shelf Circuit visits the lower lakes before a big climb past Twilight Hut, where you explore a series of alpine tarns providing stunning views of the surrounding national park.

Best Coastal Walks in Tasmania

Wineglass Bay Loop
Freycinet National Park

Length - 12.0km 

Vertical Climb - 295m 

Time - 3-5 Hours 

Exploring beautiful Freycinet National Park on the East Coast, hike up to the stunning Wineglass Bay Lookout before looping back around the coastline via Hazards Beach.

Top Hikes on Mount Wellington

Pinnacle Circuit
Mount Wellington

Length - 8.9km 

Vertical Climb - 581m 

Time - 3-5 Hours 

The best way to hike up to the summit of Mount Wellington and experience the epic views over Hobart and the River Derwent, the Pinnacle Circuit combines a few of the excellent tracks running up the mountain.

Best Day Hikes in Tasmania

Cradle Mountain
Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park

Length - 13.3km

Vertical Climb - 815m

Time - 5-8 Hours

One of the most iconic day hikes in Australia, the Cradle Mountain Summit Walk takes you from the shores of Dove Lake, and up to the sixth highest peak in Tasmania.

Best Waterfall Hikes in Tasmania

Philosopher Falls

Length - 3.9km 

Vertical Climb - 96m 

Time - 1-2 Hours 

Located on the West Coast, Philosopher Falls sees you hike through some amazing temperature rainforest full of fungi and beech forest before reaching a lookout over a cascading waterfall.

Shadow Lake (92).jpg

Shadow Lake Circuit
Lake St Clair National Park

Length - 14.8km 

Vertical Climb - 407m 

Time - 4-7 Hours 

The Shadow Lake Circuit takes you up into the alpine wilderness near the famous Lake St Clair, providing views of Mount Hugel, a visit to Shadow Lake and quality walking you won't forget.

Top Coastal Hikes in Tasmania

Cape Raoul Track
Tasman National Park

Length - 16.0km 

Vertical Climb - 482m 

Time - 4-6 Hours 

Across from the Three Capes Track, the Cape Raoul Track is an out and back hike providing stunning vistas over the South Ocean, excellent scenery and dramatic coastline packed full of dolerite columns.

Top Mountain Hikes in Tasmania

Hartz Peak
Hartz Mountains National Park

Length - 7.8km 

Vertical Climb - 402m 

Time - 2-5 Hours 

Hartz Peak is a fantastic hike that provides epic views over the surrounding landscape and beyond from the summit, along with visiting a couple of pristine alpine tarns.

Best Forest Hikes in Tasmania

Savage River Walk

Length - 6.8km 

Vertical Climb - 311m 

Time - 2-3 Hours 

Tucked away near Corinna on the West Coast is the Savage River Walk, exploring the ancient beech forests along the Pieman and Savage Rivers, with a couple of fungi filled hills providing wonderful scenery.

Great Coastal Hikes in Tasmania

Fluted Cape Walk
South Bruny Island

Length - 6.8km 

Vertical Climb - 358m 

Time - 2-3 Hours 

The best hike on Bruny Island, explore the edge of Adventure Bay, climbing up the edge of the dolerite cliffs that provide some beautiful views over the Southern Ocean and the dramatic coastline below.

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