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Sunset at Yirra Kartta Campsite

Northcliffe to Yirra Kartta

Munda Biddi Trail




3-6 Hours


Yirra Kartta Hut

Date Ridden

4th September 2021





Traditional Custodians

Minang People

The Ride - With a thoroughly enjoyable town to town section of riding over, stretching way back to Donnybrook, we treated ourselves to a cosy stay at PipinnVale BnB as a last hurrah before two nights roughing it in the wild. Pippa was an excellent host and as I said in my previous post, the food was the best we'd had on the whole trail. Waking up and getting out of the comfy bed was a challenge with the cold temperatures not helping but the allure of a cooked breakfast and Tilley pats was good motivation. Enjoying fresh bread, eggs, beans, mushrooms and coffee, this was everything you'd expect from a country BnB and made leaving much harder. With 50km to ride today to Yirra Kartta, we eventually got going and said goodbye to Pippa just after 9:30am. 

With PipinnVale being a short ride out of Northcliffe, it was decided that we would head back into town for some snack supplies for the next two nights and it also meant I could start my Strava at the Visitor Centre. Northcliffe is a small town with no supermarket so the closest thing you'll get is the General Store located within the Petrol Station, although it is very well stocked. With my dehydrated meals already packed, I was looking for something sweet to enjoy for dessert so settled on a couple of blocks of chocolate and a box of BBQ Shapes. With supplies secured, it was already getting quite late in the morning and our regular pace over the last couple of weeks would see us arrive an hour or so before sunset. Given Yirra Kartta was one of the campsites I was looking forward to staying at, I really wanted to get a hurry on. I left Aron to re-pack his bags with extra goodies and set off for the Visitor Centre to officially start the day. As luck would have it, I would spot Steph and Leigh at one of the picnic tables sorting through their drop box. We had met them at Donnelly River as they passed through on the Bibb Track and it was a nice surprise to see them here.


We weren't exactly setting the world on fire with our daily distances so it was about right that we would intersect again. They had stayed the night at Schafer Campsite and confirmed that it was Pack Animal that we saw when we popped in for lunch the previous day. As they sorted out their gear we had a chat about their last few days and the different routes we had taken to get to Northcliffe. Wishing them well for the rest of their journey, Aron and I headed off to find our way out of Northcliffe. While the Bibb Track takes a pretty convoluted path our of town, criss-crossing major roads several times before disappearing into the forest, the Munda Biddi follows Windy Harbour Road for a short section before taking a left and heading off into the farmland. Crossing the old railway tracks, you head along some single track before reaching Boorara Road and a creek crossing that I had to stop at for photos. Leaving Boorara Road, you turn left onto Old Mill Road for some riding through the back lanes of the surrounding farmland. With some large trees bordering the road, this was a pleasant ride up a gentle hill that takes you towards the first forested section of the day.