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Mossman Gorge

Mossman Gorge

Daintree National Park

Directions - From the centre of Mossman, located north of Cairns and Port Douglas, take Johnston Road west for 4.5 kilometres until you reach the Mossman Gorge Cultural Centre. Access to the walk trails is via regularly scheduled buses (booking required), that run between 8am and 5pm every day of the year, except Christmas Day. 


The Hike - With one more day in Far North Queensland, I had saved one of the best experiences for last, a visit to Mossman Gorge to check out the walk trails on offer there. With an unseasonably wet week, today was looking much better, although still a little cool and cloudy for the morning at least. Due to fly out that evening, I had a few hours in the morning to check out this popular location, before meeting the family back in Port Douglas for a late breakfast. 

I had really enjoyed driving north from Port Douglas over the last few days, with the cane fields and inland mountains providing a nice backdrop as you tootle along the highway. Mossman is a short drive from Port Douglas, and has a more genuine feel to it, as it's less holiday town and more everyday working town. Following the signs from Mossman, I was soon at the Mossman Gorge Cultural Centre, ready to take one of the shuttle buses (ticket required) up to the gorge. This is the only way to access the gorge and the walk trails, and if the money is being used to maintain the area, and provide local jobs, then I'm happy to pay. Being well before tourist o'clock, I had a shuttle to myself and got chatting with the driver, who was a friendly guy that was more than happy to answer my questions. Arriving at the top of the hill, I jumped out and set about starting my walk. 

There are a few trails in the area, catering to casual tourists and those that are looking for something more than a bit of boardwalk to a lookout. Today I would be combining the River Circuit Track with the Rainforest Circuit Track to form a 4.4 kilometre loop, that I was confident I could finish in time to make breakfast with the family. That meant arriving back at the start within 1.5 hours, no easy task given how slow I walk these days when the scenery is good. As you can see from the photos, this was a challenge as everything was looking amazing, all throughout the walk. The first part of the walk is along boardwalk, taking you over a small creek, before more boardwalk raised above the rainforest floor. This provides a different perspective, and an opportunity to see parts of the rainforest you might not notice from ground level.