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Lake Thetis Walk Trail Cervantes

Lake Thetis Walk Trail

Nambung National Park

Directions -  Lake Thetis can be found by taking Hansen Bay Rd (gravel track) off Cervantes Rd before you reach the main settlement.  Once you have finished the walk keep driving along Hansen Bay Rd and check out the Hansen Bay Lookout.


The Hike - Summer is usually the off-season for my hiking adventures for a variety of reasons but every now and then I find myself with an opportunity to visit somewhere new or I come across a place I didn't think would have a trail. With a birthday celebration weekend for 1A1R (aka Life of Py Deputy Assistant Trail Director, Aron) planned up in Cervantes, another opportunity presented itself to take in a lovely walk, even if it wasn't on the cards. Testing out the new Life of Py chariot (a blue X-Trail named Newt Scamander and yes I name my cars), we drove up on the Friday afternoon with plans to visit Jurien Bay the next day, snorkel and then relax in the afternoon before heading out to the Pinnacles for some astrophotography that night. The best laid plans though. Jurien Bay was amazing when we got there so we had high hopes of it staying that way but half an hour after arriving the wind changed direction and the seas became choppier than a Teppanyaki chef at dinner time. We still had fun watching Sruthy jump off the jetty and be coached by some locals on how to do various jumps and flips off the platoon floating offshore before deciding that snorkelling wasn't going to happen and returning back to Cervantes.