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Lefroy Brook Cascades Pemberton

Lefroy Brook Loop Walk

Gloucester National Park

Directions - From the centre of Pemberton take Vasse Hwy west and keeping going as it turns into Pemberton-Northcliffe Rd until you see the left turn for Glauders Rd. There is a sign for the Cascades at this intersection and another one on the unnamed road that leads down to the Cascades car park.

The Hike - This was my final planned hike for my adjusted South West Road Trip and I'm happy I didn't try and cram this into the four hike day a couple of days before. With a lazy rain day spent at my accommodation the day before editing photos, drinking coffee and admiring the soggy farm scenes, I was ready to leave Pemberton and head home. Before I left though I had one more place on my list to visit, a place that didn't require a lot of effort but would offer a calm and tranquil farewell to this amazing part of the world.