Oyster Stacks Ningaloo Reef

Oyster Stacks

Ningaloo Marine Park

Directions - Located about 65km from Exmouth, head north out of town on Murat Road and take a left onto Yardie Creek Road. Follow the signs for Cape Range National Park and keeping driving until you see the turnoff for Oyster Stacks on your right. Turn here and follow the road until you reach the carpark. Entry into the water is off a rocky platform so care must be taken when the conditions are a bit choppy.

The Snorkel - Exmouth had treated us pretty well weather wise for the first half of our weeklong trip but things weren't looking so great for the last few days. I still had two snorkelling sites I wanted to check out while we were here and the Saturday morning was really the best it was going to get. Oyster Stacks is one of the only spots that is really tide dependant and to make sure you aren't bashing into the coral reef, it's best to do this at high tide. This was our penultimate day in Exmouth and I wanted to get in at least one more snorkel while I had the opportunity.