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Ngank Yira Bidi Rottnest

Ngank Yira Bidi

Rottnest Island

The Hike - When you think of Rottnest the first thing that comes into mind for most people is quokkas, white sandy beaches or leisurely riding your bike around on a family holiday. Did you know that Rottnest is home to some great walking trails with more on the way? The construction of the Wadjemup Bidi trail network on the island means that previously inaccessible locations can now be reached on foot and with more trails coming, this is a great way to explore one of Western Australia's favourite tourist destinations. I had this trip marked down in my calendar since I started planning the hiking season over the summer. The plan was to wait for warmer weather in late September and make a day of it but an opportunity came up through Sightseeing Pass Australia for a trip over so I decided to move it up a month so everyone else can see what the Wadjemup Bidi was all about and visit during the spring months. The booking process was very smooth and the range of tours, experiences and packages means there is something for everyone. I didn't even know some of the attractions they offer existed (check this one out if you like old school gaming) but will definitely be doing a few later in the year.