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Wangi Falls Litchfield

Wangi Falls Walk

Litchfield National Park

Directions - Located just over an hour south of Darwin, take Stuart Hwy south until you reach the turnoff for Batchelor Rd. Follow the Litchfield NP signs all the way through Batchelor and Rum Jungle until you reach Wangi Falls Rd. The trail head for the walk is just down the path from the Wangi Falls Café.

The Hike - With a couple of nice walks in Litchfield under our belt, it was decided lunch was needed so the group convened at the Wangi Falls Café. Located on the western side of the park, this is one of the more popular tourist areas as the waterfalls are magnificent, the swimming fantastic and there are great facilities here for day trippers and campers alike. In the open air café we enjoyed something to eat and a cooling beverage while making plans for the rest of the afternoon. It was decided that half of the group (Caris, Hal, Candy and myself) would continue on for the day while the others would check out Wangi Falls and then return back to Darwin.