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WOW Trail Denmark

Wilderness Ocean Walk (WOW) Trail


Directions - Located just outside of Denmark, from the centre of town head west along South Western Hwy and take a left onto Ocean Beach Road. Follow this south until you reach the right turn for Lights Road, take this and then keep going until the left turn for Lights Beach Road. The trail head is located on the eastern side of the car park at the end of Lights Beach Road. Alternatively you can start at Ocean Beach by following Ocean Beach Road all the way to the end and parking at the Denmark Boating and Angling Club.

The Ride - Denmark is a fantastic town on the south coast of Western Australia and I have a bit of a crush on this part of the world. Over the years I've visited many times, enjoying the day hikes in the area and coming through on the Bibbulmun Track and Munda Biddi as I completed either sections of the track or doing the whole thing. That brings me the purpose of my latest visit here that led to this trail getting a full write-up for the website. 

While coming through here on my Munda Biddi E2E (post for this section coming in March 2022), I made the decision to double hut into Denmark as the incoming weather meant either riding in a couple of hours of rain or spending the entirety of the following day riding in rain. Unfortunately that meant a 105km day into Denmark and the only stretch of riding along the ocean on the whole 1065km trail would be in less than ideal conditions. Arriving at William Bay, it was looking gloomy and by the time we reached Lights Beach, the rain really started to hit. Long story short, I ended up riding the final 17km into town in the rain so had to put the camera away. This was just fine as it gave me an excuse to come back later in the year and re-shoot the section from William Bay and the new realignment that was being built as we came through. Fast forward to mid-November and I had asked my podcast partner if I could stay with him and his in-laws when he was down for a Munda Biddi maintenance trip. I couldn't have picked a better weekend to head down as temperatures were in the late teens and there was the perfect amount of cloud dotting the bright blue skies. 


The Wilderness Ocean Walk (or WOW Trail) is a one way trail taking you from Lights Beach, up and over the hilly dune system and along the coast towards the Denmark Wind Farm and Ocean Beach. This was a section of the Munda Biddi I had marked off as one to really enjoy and although it was raining and I was soaked through, it was still a fun ride. Arriving in Denmark after a lovely drive listening to podcasts for almost five hours, the plan was to cycle from the middle of town out to William Bay and then return. The reasoning for this was to get the fantastic afternoon lighting at golden hour for the re-shoot of the Munda Biddi and also this trail (as it is used in its entirety by the Munda Biddi). Two birds, one stone I thought and so I started off from the Civic Centre and sped along the paths out to William Bay. I won't include details about the ride as it will get written up in a few months for the Munda Biddi post but I will say they've done a great job on the realignment out of William Bay. After 29km of riding, I arrived back at Lights Beach to begin the WOW Trail and it's a place I have fond memories of from my Bibb and MB E2Es. I laughed as I saw the modern toilet block that Aron and I took refuge in while waiting for the rains to pass and was thankful the sun was shining today.