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Savage River Walk Corinna

Savage River Walk


Directions - Starting in the small hamlet of Corinna, located three and a half hours west of Launceston, there is only one unsealed road in and out. Once you're in Corinna then head towards the river from the Tarkine Hotel and to the car park on your right where you'll find an information board right before the track heads into the forest.  

The Hike - Corinna is a small hamlet on the edge of the Tarkine buried within an abundance of natural beauty. This was the main reason that Candy and Hal chose to spend a few days here, along with the excellent kayaking opportunities, and I'm very happy they did. With a multitude of hiking trails in the area, we had just enough time to get them all in during our stay. After a morning spent exploring the amazing Philosopher Falls, an hours drive away, I had my eyes set on the Savage River Walk that takes you from the Tarkine Hotel along the Pieman River, up a hill and over to the Savage River before returning on the same path.