Chimney Trail Wooditjup

Chimney Trail

Wooditjup National Park

Directions - Located a five minute drive from the centre of Margaret River, take Bussell Hwy north and turn left onto Carters Rd. Follow this until you see the sign for the RAC Holiday Park and turn right at the sign. The trail head is located on the left with plenty of parking. 

The Hike - With a non-hiking holiday planned for a stormy weekend in August, I genuinely didn't think about trying to fit in a walk while we were in the Margaret River area. Having previously completed the Margaret River Heritage Trail and Riverslea Run, I didn't think there were too many trail options left that weren't smaller options of what I've already done (like at Rotary Park). It was a pleasant surprise when driving out to lunch at the lovely Fair Harvest that I saw a Walk Trails sign on Carters Rd and made a mental note to Google that later.

Turns out that in 2018, Bramley National Park was re-branded to Wooditjup National Park in recognition of the local Wadandi people and I have to admit this is something that slipped under my radar. As part of the re-branding, it looks like they've put some money into upgrading the signage of the park with the mountain bike and walking trails now clearly marked at the trail head and as you go along. With our planned horse riding experience cancelled because of the weather, everything in our itinerary got shifted up and so there was some spare time on the day we were due to drive home. Having visited a few wineries and bought plenty of wine (I'm that person that once I'm tasting I feel bad if I don't buy), I didn't feel like going to more and we had checked out all the foodie places that we wanted. I made an executive call that while we were passing through town from a visit to the Berry Farm, it would be nice to check out the trail head and see what was what. With a short walk trail option (this one) looking like a good fit for the time we had available, we popped our walking shoes on and headed off into the forest. While mainly a mountain bike area (see the network of blue trails on the map above), there are a couple of walks here to satisfy those looking for a slower experience in the lovely Karri, Marri and Jarrah forest of Wooditjup National Park. The Chimney Trail follows Bramley Brook for a while and then heads off to visit the namesake of the trail, a giant chimney, before looping back through the forest. 


Following the Pink Boot trail markers, you start on a very gentle trail that weaves its way along Bramley Brook. For the first part you are aware that it is there but you don't get to see it in full just yet. Being August and having a fair amount of rain fall over the past couple of days, I was intrigued as to what we would find in the forest. It didn't take long for a variety of mosses, wildflowers and ferns to show up in the undergrowth and this made me a very happy hiker. With all the bad weather we had received it was a bit funny that my big concern on this walk was having conditions that were too bright for good photos but I made do with photographing the details and occasionally shooting a bit wider to capture the enormous Karri trees that dominate this area. Moving along the trail we saw Golden Buttercups being pollinated by the local bees and a 28 parrot that was kind enough to stay still for a photo. Every now and then there was an access point down to the water so at every occasion I took the opportunity to have a look. Eventually you reach a point where there is no need for a side trail and a large fallen tree provides the best chance to see the brook up close. I had a bit of a climb onto the log (be careful as one slip and you fall into the water below) but with the sunny conditions, the photos weren't great (see later on for better ones).