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King Karri Trail Quinninup

King Karri Trail


Directions - From the centre of Quinninup, head south along Wheatley Coast Rd until you see the sign for the King Karri Trail on the left hand side of the road. There is a small parking area opposite the trail start.

The Hike - With the discovery of the Quinninup trails and the Karri Lake Trail already under my belt I was determined to get all three done in one day. The girlfriend was not as keen so I dropped her back at the cottage, grabbed a drink and then walked the 1km down to the start of the next trail, the King Karri Trail. The start point of the trail is passed on your way into Quinninup on Wheatley Coast Rd with a sign post marked “Walk Track”, which perked my interest driving into town on Day One. There isn't any parking on the roadside so your best option is to walk down the hill from town (this will add 2km to the overall length of the hike).