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Leanganook Loops Mount Alexander Regional Park

Leanganook Loops

Mount Alexander Regional Park

Start - Joseph Young Drive

Length - 10.7km (Figure 8)

Elevation - 371m

Time - 3-5 Hours

Classification - Grade 3

Dog Friendly - No

Date Hiked - 26th December 2019

Best Time - Autumn to Late Spring

Trail Type - Walking

More Info - Goldfields Track

Cost - Free

Traditional Custodians - Djadjawurung People

The Hike - With the family-in-law Christmas in Daylesford this year, it was an opportunity to once again head out in Central Victoria and find a hike to do on my own. Having previously done the Tipperary Track and Werribee Gorge, I set my sights on the area around Daylesford for an enjoyable summer hike of a semi-decent length. My original thoughts were somewhere around Wombat State Forest and a number of interesting hikes came up in my search. In the end I was perusing Uncle Hal's library and found a few guide books on day walks in Victoria. Flicking through there were a few that peaked my interest but after it was announced that the rest of family were headed to Castlemaine for morning tea on the day of my hike, I decided on the Leanganook Loops hike as it's located right outside of Castlemaine.