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Karlinyah Bidi Rottnest

Karlinyah Bidi

Rottnest Island

Directions - Landing at the main settlement jetty you need to take the bus service out to bus stop #12 (Roland Smith). The trail starts off the road that runs parallel with Digby Drive.

The Hike - With a successful morning hiking the new Ngank Wen Bidi, we were at Narrow Neck in the blazing sunshine enjoying some lunch before embarking on the final hike of my Wadjemup Bidi collection, the Karlinyah Bidi. This hike I had actually planned for February 2017 but as with all these trails, they are best enjoyed if you take your time and we ran out of time on that particular visit. I was back however and with the Ngank Wen Bidi only being 8km, there was plenty of time left in the day for the shortest of all the Wadjemup Bidi hikes at a mere 5.9km one way.