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Fluted Cape Walk

Fluted Cape Walk

South Bruny National Park

Directions - Located on South Bruny Island near the small hamlet of Adventure Bay, the Fluted Cape Walk can be reached by driving south along Bruny Island Main Road until you reach the left turn for Adventure Bay Road. Follow this, passing through Adventure Bay to the small car park on your left, just before the main car park for Bruny Island Cruises. The trail head is located next to the path down to the beach.

The Hike - Often touted as one of the best walks on Bruny Island, and a popular place to visit because of that, the Fluted Cape Walk was a hike I was very much looking forward to. With a whirlwind trip to Bruny Island coming to an end, I had four trails I wanted to get done on my last full day on this lovely part of Tasmania. Having enjoyed walking through the rainforest on the Mavista Nature Walk and scaled the highest point of Bruny Island on Mount Mangana, I was ready to experience the coastal cliffs of Fluted Cape. 

After stopping in at the Adventure Bay General Store for a quick bite to eat for lunch, I was looking around Adventure Bay and thinking I should have stayed here instead of near The Neck. With sunny skies and a nice temperature, this felt like a pretty idyllic spot for a holiday, and having a name like Adventure Bay adds to the fun. After lunch I drove the short distance from the main part of town to the trail head, and got thoroughly confused in the process. Given the time of year, things were busy and I didn't see the information sign thanks to the car park being full. Having driven into the Bruny Island Cruises car park, despite the warnings that this was not the place to park for the Fluted Cape Walk, I followed a dead end before doubling back. Getting a park on the side of the road, I eventually figured out where the walk started from and set about getting my gear together. 


After having a short read of the information board, I headed down the small dirt track to the beach, which is a great start to the walk. As soon as you step onto the beach, the beauty of Adventure Bay hits you in the face, with the turquoise waters, distant hills and a narrow beach making for an excellent scene to photograph. The start of the walk sees you meander along the sand until you reach the forest lining the edge of the water. As I said before, this is a really pleasant start to proceedings, although a little strangeness crept in when I spotted the largest jellyfish I'd ever seen, just floating a couple of metres from the shore. These turned out to be Lion's Mane Jellyfish and some were the size of a small exercise ball, just bobbing up and down in the water. Deciding that perhaps a swim wasn't the best idea, I kept walking along and was in awe of these floating giants.