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Dwellingup to Bidjar Ngoulin Munda Biddi Trail

Dwellingup to Bidjar Ngoulin

Munda Biddi Trail




2-4 Hours


Bidjar Ngoulin Hut

Date Ridden

24th August 2021





Traditional Custodians

Pinjarup People

The Ride - Waking up at the Dwellingup Forest Lodge to the sound of birds chirping and the feel of a crisp Djilba morning. Having covered 75km yesterday and another 65km to go today, I had a good stretch as I laid in bed in my toasty sleeping bag. No trip to Dwellingup would be complete without a breakfast at the Blue Wren Cafe and with a relaxed opening time of 8am, we could afford to take our time packing the bikes up this morning. It was a chilly ride down the hill into town but the allure of fresh coffee and a cooked breakfast made it much better. Unfortunately the new Trails & Visitor Centre didn't open until 9am so I'd assume most Bibb Hikers and MB Riders would not get the opportunity to sign the log books before leaving town.