Cottesloe Eco Shark Barrier

Cottesloe Beach

Directions - Located in the western suburbs of Perth, this popular beach is very accessible with lots of parking. You can either park along Marine Parade or use one of the many car parks near the main strip. There is no trail to follow so you can set your gear down anywhere along the main beach (beware of leaving your valuables unattended) and explore the shark net and groyne.


The Snorkel - Cottesloe Beach is one of the more iconic locations in Western Australia with the white sandy beach, pristine waters and Indiana Tea House all combining to provide a postcard perfect depiction of summer in Australia. It was always a favourite beach of mine during my younger days and I have fond memories of lazing around in the sun after a refreshing dip in the Indian Ocean. Over the years I've returned sporadically, mainly to check out the annual Sculptures by the Sea art exhibition and every visit feels like I'm on holiday.