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Tahune Airwalk

Tahune Adventures


Directions - Tahune is located about 90 minutes south of Hobart near Geeveston. Take the A6 south from the city centre until you reach the right turn for Arve Road, following the signs all the way through the forest to the car park. 

The Hike - After a morning visit to Snug Falls already under our belts the journey continued on to Tahune for a stroll on Tasmania's answer to the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk. Previously owned by Sustainable Timber Tasmania and now under private ownership, there are a number of activities to enjoy here including the Tahune Airwalk, a Hang Glider experience, rafting and a couple of walks. Arriving around lunchtime it was decided we would enjoy lunch at the cafe first before embarking on our exploration of the walks and the Airwalk. The cafe offers a good range of food and there is a gift shop that has a variety of touristy items you would expect from such an establishment. 

Huon Pine Walk

There are three walks you can do in the area with the short but sweet Huon Pines Walk, the Tahune Airwalk and the Swinging Bridges Walk. It is very easy to combine them all into one big loop that is a tick under 5km so that is what I did. First on the agenda was the Huon Pine Walk, a little loop taking in the temperate rainforest located next to the Huon River. We crossed the solid concrete bridge over the Huon River and made our way to the start of the loop. This section is mainly boardwalk to protect the vegetation and there is a stark difference in scenery once you enter the forest. Home to several outstanding specimens of Huon Pine, this is one of the only places you can get up close to these long living and rare (for their size) trees.

Unfortunately most of the large Huon Pines were logged over the past two centuries as the wood has some amazing properties that make it great for shipbuilding and furniture. As one of the oldest living tree species in the world (some examples can be up to 3000 years old) they certainly are magnificent to behold up close when you have that in the back of your mind. With plenty of cool ferns, moss and large stringybarks to enjoy along with one of my favourite trees in Tasmania (mainly for the name), the sassaphrass, this section is one of many highlights of the area. As you loop back around to the starting point you get views of the river through the trees and there is a spot where you can wander down and get a closer look. A huge double stringybark provides a cool feature point as you finish the walk and pop back out into the open. While only a very short walk I thoroughly enjoyed being immersed in the dense temperate rainforest and seeing some mature Huon Pines up close so if you are visiting Tahune make sure you don't skip this one.